Horrible Canon Pokemon Concepts

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Horrible factoids of the world of Pokemon

So you think the world of Pokemon is all fun and games? Well, it is actually a pretty scary world. Here are a few facts gathered from the various games of Pokemon.

This is part of why I am inclined to agree with Cyrus on the matter of the world needing to be fixed.

I will note, this entry needs to have a little bit more repair on the matter. Possibly citations to the appropriate Pokedex entries or in game references.

  • There is an urban legends about Shedinja stealing souls by looking into its back.
  • Skarmory's feathers were used as swords back in the day.
  • Gyarados have the capability to destroy cities when enraged.
  • Kabutops's scythes were used to slash foe's guts open then feed on their innards
  • Aerodactyl's serrated teeth were used to rip throats out.
  • Lanturn paralyze their prey with bolts of electricity then swallow the stunned prey whole.
  • Gorebyss stabs its pointed mouth into victims and drains their body fluids.
  • Cacturne remain perfectly still during the day, then become active at night, hunting for creatures that became exhausted and tired during the day.
  • Swarms of shuppet gather round homes where people feel negative emotions.
  • others in pokemon land tell children if they misbehave duskulls will take them away
  • Misdreavus loves to bite and yank peoples hair to see their shocked reactions, and will also play tricks like screaming and wailing to startle people at night
  • Metagross pins prey down with its four legs and eats them with its stomach
  • Jynx is so alluring it makes people sway their hips without realising it
  • Absol can predict natural disasters and is seen as a bringer of doom
  • Sharpedos can tear through supertankers with their teeth
  • Pinecos hang from trees. If you shake its branch it drops off and explodes
  • Golbat can suck out 10oz of blood in an instant. It preys on both people and Pokemon.
  • Victreebel swallows small creatures whole and dissolves them in acid.
  • Rhydon can knock over a building in one blow.
  • Aron eats dump trucks, bridges, and railroad tracks. Lairon fights miners over deposits of iron ore. Aggron takes up landscaping as a hobby 
  • You can make perfume out of Weezing's toxic gases if you dilute them enough  
  • You can see an Ampharos' tail from space.
  • If you look at a Stantler's antlers too long it makes you fall down.
  • Lapras has been hunted to the brink of extinction and they spend all night singing sad songs as they search for others of their kind
  • When angered, Gyarados will go on a rampage that can go for either a month or until everything on its path is destroyed.
  • Blastoise's water cannons are capable of punching holes through steel walls.
  • Dragonite can fly around the world in 9 (or so) minutes.
  • If Butterfrees are anything like real-life butterflies, they most probably die right after mating season.
  • Machamps can strike 500 punches in one second.
  • Golbats enjoy the taste of blood so much, they will not stop drinking it even if they are not able to fly anymore.
  • Houndooms will expel a deadly gas from its mouth if threatened. This is also why a burn inflicted by a Houndoom never stops hurting.