Nimh Labs. Where Sentience is Born

Welcome to Nimh Labs

Welcome to Nimh Labs, located at as well as other names. This site started out as a dumping ground for things the Owner, Katrina Payne AKA DakeDesu, thought was cool. After a while other people became interested. DakeDesu now shares her personal site with others, making it no longer a personal site, but something more. Nimh Labs. Katrina now has an Editor, and two other contributers helping her out. This appears to be a trend.

Note: Regarding the large ammount of Red Links. I do plan to add content onto those. Really I do! And I am not using ye ol' "have them be content for updates" as an excuse... oh wait... I am.

You may note the _new_ look. Well I found that zepto was not handling my site that well. So I am moving content over to a CMS known as ModX and it seems to handle my site quite well. Still transfering a _lot_ over. However most of what I am posting is original Content. Which is kind of better. I am also looking at getting more people helping me edit this site o.o. I may have to change the name back to Nimh Labs. Seems my dumping grounds has amused more people than just me.

You may notice that I use poor english and regexps throughout my entire site. This is because I hate speling; grammer nazis. So I am trying to start up my own dialect so that, like many Welsh dialects, annoy the crap out of people trying to "maintain the purity of English". Though following the idea that intellegent people don't like navigating through poorly constructed grammer; speling, the valid ideas of Nimh Labs may suffer. We now have an editor.

Various members may apply to put up personal profiles. Various badges wil go onto those, if you care about them.

Also if you want _more_ updates than what appears on the side bar, or is linked to on the HTML pages. Check out the RSS feed for this site. You'll see all sorts of stuff that I am sure will make you PK Love in your pants (should you be wearing pants... if not, you now have a mess to clean up).